Recognition of Retiring K-9 Dag to Sgt. Tyler Vanderberg

Chief Wayne Dennard presented a plaque to Sergeant Tyler Vanderberg for retiring K-9 Dag's years of service. K-9 Dag has served the city since August 2010. Though he has maintained all of his certifications to date, age and health issues have begun to impact his ability to perform his duties safely and pain free. The transfer of ownership soley to Sgt. Vanderberg allows K-9 Dag to enjoy the remainder of his life with the master he has bonded with. K-9 Dag is being replaced with K-9 Jogi who has been serving the city for over a month as well as his trainer. Sgt. Vanderberg was also acknowledged for his outstanding service with the Police Department as he leaves to continue his career in the law enforcement field.