Acworth Board of Aldermen

The City of Acworth has a board-manager government structure. Under this structure, the Board of Aldermen fills the primary policymaking role and oversees the executive functions of the City. The Mayor and Board assign the day-to-day duties of the executive role to the City Manager.

The Charter defines the Mayor as the Chief Executive Officer of the City who is responsible for presiding at all meetings of the Board of Aldermen. The Mayor also signs deeds and contracts, cosigns checks, keeps the Aldermen advised of the general condition of the City, calls meetings of the Board, appoints members to committees, and sees that ordinances of the City are executed. The Mayor does not vote on issues before the Board, except in the case of a tie.

The Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the City of Acworth are elected at-large for four-year staggered terms. To be eligible to serve as Mayor or as an Alderman, one must be a qualified municipal voter and a resident of the City for one year immediately prior to the date of an election.

The Board of Aldermen adopts City ordinances, determines City policies, approves the budget, sets the millage rate, and employs and supervises the City Manager.

Mayor and Current Members of the Board of Aldermen

tallegood  bprice  gene 
Tommy Allegood
Butch Price
Council Post 1 
Gene Pugliese
Council Post 2 

Acworth Lake Authority
PD Advisory
(678) 801-4024


Chair - Parks, Recreation
& Community Resource
Vice-Chair - Administration 
Tree Commission/AHA 
(770) 974-4321


Chair - Community Development
Vice-Chair - Power/Public Works
(678) 801-4004

brettnorth  trichardson  thouston 
Brett North
Council Post 3 
Tim Richardson
Council Post 4 
Tim Houston
Council Post 5 

Chair -
Vice-Chair - Parks, Recreation 
& Community Resource
Tourism / Youth Council
(678) 801-4006


Chair - Power/Public Works
Vice-Chair - Community Development
(678) 801-4009


Chair -
Vice-Chair - Police
Georgia Municipal Association
Cobb Municipal Association (GMA/CMA)
(678) 508-2801