How do I know if I live inside the City Limits?

Do you allow alcohol, inflatables, or public address systems at your rental facilities?

What kind of fish are in Lake Acworth?

What types of watercrafts are allowed in Lake Acworth?

How early or late can I fish at Lake Acworth and do I need a special permit?

When are Lake Acworth's water levels lowered?

How big is Lake Acworth?

Is there a discount for City Residents?

Must renters bring their own cleaning supplies?

Are pets allowed in the parks?

Is there a parking fee for any of the parks?

When do the parks close?

Can we set up a tent at the park?

Is Metal Detecting allowed at City Parks?

What if I want to hold a special event or organize a community class?

How do I know my pavilion will be blocked off before I get there?

Where and when will I get my key for my rental?

What if it rains on my pavilion rental date?

What if I want to cancel my reservation?

How do I get my deposit refund?

What is your camp/program refund Policy?

What if I want to hold a wedding at one of your parks?

Is smoking permitted in Acworth parks?