Public Works

Power Public Works

Mission Statement

Acworth Power and Public Works takes great pride in supporting the development and cultural growth in our deeply rooted Community. We are dedicated to serve as principled stewards to the Citizens, Businesses and Visitors of Acworth by providing a comfortable and safe environment while engaging in proactive and innovative methods to bring the best quality of life to our neighborhoods while also providing thorough, efficient response time to serve the needs of our Community.

The Public Works Department maintains approximately 180 lane miles of road and right-of-way. This entails paved roadway, storm drains and culverts, road striping, street sign repair and street sweeping, along with fall leaf pick-up, mosquito control, traffic signal maintenance, etc. There are 6 employees with an array of service vehicles; dump trucks, trenchers, chippers, track hoes and other general service vehicles.

The Department also has contract authority to effect major roadway design changes and upgrades through engineering contracts and supervises the resulting construction project through our Contract Administration branch. Public Works coordinates with other municipal entities, federal and state agencies such as GDOT, CDOT, CSX, FHWA, EPA, COE, etc.… when required.

Additionally, the Department provides maintenance and services to City facilities and mechanically maintains a City vehicle fleet of 135.

Public Works provides sanitation services to approximately 6500 residential and commercial customers.

Service is twice a week with 15 fulltime personnel, 6 rear load trucks and miscellaneous service vehicles, trash compactors and dumpsters.