Citizens Police Academy 2016



The Citizens' Police Academy is a twelve weeks course
starting March 1st 2016 for participants to be given the opportunity to interact with officers and receive a basic understanding of the operations of the Acworth Police Department and law enforcement in general.  Upon completion of the course, graduates will be invited to ride along with officers during a tour of duty.  All classes will be held at the Acworth Police Department, with a few field trips.

Non- Residents will be required to be sponsored for the Academy by a City Business owner, Citizens’ Police Academy Graduate, or an Acworth Police Officer. The class is free but space is limited. 

Participants must be 21 years of age and submit to a background screening. If you have any questions please contact Lt. Michael Taylor at 678-801-4073 or fill out the form below.

The citizens' police academy is a program where citizens attend a modified version of the standard basic mandate course required for certification of law enforcement officer. This is a 48-50 hour course of instruction that gives the student a realistic view of the day to day activities of an officer and the training that must be completed in order to gain certification in the state.

In addition to classroom training the class was also given a familiarization course of basic firearms qualification. The student was given an opportunity to fire and qualify under the same time restraints as officers. Although they did not have the same amount of training as an officer would have, they did extremely well.

On April 2, 2002 the first class of the Citizen's Police Academy graduated the eight students that have been participating in this experimental program. The 12 session program allowed the students to see first hand the training and functioning of a modern day law enforcement officers. The students were allowed to participate in practical exercises that allowed them to experience the actual stopping of cars and qualification with firearms.

Each student said, "it was and eye opening experience" and "We had no idea that the job was as complicated as it is and the amount of information necessary to do the day to day job functions of a police officer." " You know you see and officer in a car and think very little about what goes on, now when I see a vehicle stopped and the police doing their jobs, I understand that there is never a routine stop." There is a vast amount of knowledge, skill and ability that is necessary to perform as a law enforcement officer.

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