Acworth Linemen travel to New Bern, NC to help restore power

Image of Linemen helping during hurricane FlorenceImage of Linemen helping during hurricane Florence

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The city of New Bern, located about 240 miles east of Charlotte, was particularly hard hit.

"Our city has suffered obviously one of the most devastating storms in its 308 year history," New Bern city manager Mark Stephens said at a news conference Monday. "As you can expect this is a significant setback at the hands of mother nature but we will prevail."

The City of Acworth is proud to recognize our Team of Lineman who traveled to New Bern, NC to help restore power. More than 4,300 homes were damaged or destroyed in the storm and over 300 businesses faced the same fate.

City officials estimate there has been $6 million in damages so far.

Please remember our Lineman in your thoughts and prayers while they help New Bern get back to normal.

You can watch a news report of the damage here.