North Georgia Exotics Ribbon Cutting

Mayor and Staff Cut Ribbon

On Thursday, July 22, the City of Acworth held a ribbon cutting at North Georgia Exotics. Mayor Tommy Allegood congratulated owners Ion & Sarah Highsmith on their new Acworth business.Owners of North Georgia Exotics 

North Georgia Exotics specializes in exotic pets such as: Iguanas, monitor lizards, tegu, snakes, bearded dragons, spiders and small animals. They have or can order just about anything you need for your exotic animal! Stop in and visit North Georgia Exotics at 5054 Cherokee Street (behind Pizza Hut). For questions – give them a call at 678-590-0067. 

3 MayorKimSnakeWaving LizzardTim Houston with Snake
TarantulasSmall Ball PythonIguanas