Dogwood Forest Recognition of Acworth PD Officers and Staff

Recognition of Officers and staff who assisted at Dogwood ForestChief Dennard acknowledged and commended Acworth police staff Sergeant(s) Jordan and Hudson, Corporal Cruce, and Officer(s) Boyd, Trapani, Smith, Mistretta, Effler, and Towe for their immediate response and attentive efforts as a result of a 911service call for a fire that occurred on September 24, 2021 at Dogwood Forest. Chief Dennard also thanked Dogwood Forest staff members Clementa Nicolas, Isabela Aragon, Olusola Adetola, Esther Uba, Eva Kamau, Elfreda McDonald, Michelle Johnson, Agnes Lerebours, Kodi Ezeobi, Angela Osiro and presented them with a certificate of accommodation for their responsive efforts to evacuate residents and provide aid for the affected 70 year old resident.