Updated City of Acworth Sanitation Schedule

The Acworth Sanitation team is excited to share with residents changes that will help to make our Sanitation pick-up service more convenient, safe and continue to allow us to maintain affordable rates.  The changes will allow us to reduce fuel costs and wear and tear on the vehicles and roads. To make your service easier and more effective, we are moving to a one-day service schedule.  If you currently have separate service days for household waste and yard waste/dry goods, we will now service all waste at the curb on one single day. We will place a sticker on your container that will show your service day, common rules and holiday schedules.  Please visit our Sanitation Department page to find the correct service date for your pick-up. The new schedule will begin on the week of January 23-27, 2023.

Check our online address map HERE to view the garbage and yard waste schedule for your home address!   

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